Using Quick Links

Updated: 16.03.2016 : 02:35  By: Sasina

If you run the same search on a regular basis to locate specific Gmail messages, chances are you've had to type in the same search criteria a number of times to find your messages. With the Quick Links lab, you can save your search and quickly run it again with just a click of your mouse!
  1. Open your Gmail Settings

  2. On the Labs tab, enable the Quick Links lab
  3. Click Save Changes

After enabling the lab, click the Gadgets icon beneath your list of labels to access Quick Links.

To save a quick link search, enter in your search criteria, and run the search to make sure you receive the expected results.

The last step is to save the link and rename it. The Quick Links gadget captures the URL defined for the search or action

  1. Click Add Quick Link to display the Quick Links dialog box.
  2. With the link highlighted in blue, simply type in the name of your new link
  3. Click OK
  4. Your new link displays in the Quick Links gadget

Now, simply click your Quick Link whenever you want to run the search again!

Quick Links can save you time in other ways as well. Let's say you modify labels often. You can set up a one-click shortcut to get to Labels.

  1. Open Gmail Settings and go to the Labels tab as you normally would, so the Quick Links gadget can capture the URL.
  2. Click Add Quick Link in the Quick Links gadget and give your Quick Link a name as you did above.

To delete a Quick Link, simply click the x at the end of the Quick Link name.