Create email filters

Updated: 15.02.2016 : 09:02  By: Sasina

To begin, you need do define the messages you want to filter. You do this by selecting one or more criteria, just as if you were performing an advanced search. In fact, it’s so much like creating a search, that you use the Search box to do it!

  1. Click the small down arrow at the far right of the Search bar to open the Search box.
  2. Select one or more criteria that define which messages to filter
  3. Click the Create filter with this search link

Clicking the Create filter with this search link does two things: First, it finds any existing messages that meet the criteria you just defined. It also opens another screen where you can define one or more actions to take on these messages. For example, you could have the message skip the inbox and go immediately to the Finance label. You could mark it as important and add a star. Or you could make sure it’s never accidentally marked as Spam.

Our example is quite simple. We just want to apply the Finance label to these messages so they show up more clearly in our Inbox. To do this:

  1. Select one or more of the available options.In our case, we select and choose the Finance label
  2. Optionally, apply the filter to the five existing messages that already meet our filter’s criteria.
  3. Click Create filter