How to Google Drive

Updated: 18.03.2016 : 02:57  By: Sasina

                After clicking the Google Apps is already Users can use Google Calendar

  1. Login and click on the menu, select Document.

    Google Apps
  2. Select the document type to be created.

    Google Apps Business
  3. After selecting the document successfully. Enter the desired information.

    Google Apps Thai
  4. If you have documents that are already on your computer. You can use an existing document at the top.
    By clicking on the icon. Email Hosting Then select the Files menu to select the files that are in the air. To adopt the selected type of documents already Enter the desired information

    Email Service
  5. After smoothing the data. To share documents. By clicking the icon Email Google Apps. The following screen will appear.
    Google Apps Thai


  •    Number 1 Enter your e-mail address of those who want to share files.
  •    Number 2 The permissions of the user.