Google Apps Standard 2 of 2

Updated: 16.03.2016 : 03:43  By: Sasina

Google Apps Standards as a large server, the user is concerned.
Google has the full story of the development of advanced technologies. This allows it to work faster. More efficient. The email filtering spam. Email virus protection. With the security of reliable data. Email and backup all the time. Users do not have to worry that the information is lost. The cost is a burden on business.
Encryption of data that Google has been using security technologies, many of them together, such as providing an extra layer of security by examining the second factor, which reduces the risk of hackers stealing your username and password. It also encrypts the session browser with SSL VPNs for users without additional cost or risk. This helps protect your email as it travels between the browser and server of google.
Confirmed in two steps. The verification process will add an extra step of security to the user's account. By requiring users to enter a passcode. In addition to user name and password. When logging in to their accounts. The verification process will help protect your account from unauthorized access. If the person receiving the password of those users. I guess the password is hacked or stolen, the attacker can not access the system without the user's code. The user will receive the code via their mobile phones only.
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