Restore a recently deleted user

Updated: 16.03.2016 : 02:38  By: Sasina

After you delete a user, the user is added to the Recently deleted users list. For a short period of time (up to five days from the time of deletion) you can then restore the deleted user account and most or all of the user's data, including email and calendar events. However, note that we can't guarantee full data recovery for deleted users.

When the user account no longer appears in the Recently deleted users list, the user account is fully deleted and can't be restored.
These conditions must be met in order to restore a recently deleted user:
You must have super administrator privileges.
  1. Sign in to the Google Apps administrator control panel.

    The URL is or
  2. Click the Organization & users tab.
  3. Click the List drop-down menu (located at the upper-right of the list of users) and select Recently deleted users.

  4. Check the box next to the user you want to restore
  5. Click More actions > Undelete

  6. If you have multiple organizations, select the organization where you want to assign the user.
  7. Click List > Active users in the organization where you assigned the user. The restored account should now be back in this list (or will be shortly).