Advantages of Google Drive

Updated: 15.02.2016 : 01:03  By: Sasina

Google Apps Thai

  • Save a document in a variety of formats. Many lost length.
  • Documents that are stored on the Server of Google, which has high security.
  • No need to install complicated computer programs.
  • Easy to use. It works by using a program like Microsoft Office.
  • Do not send documents via e-mail or Copy a Thumb drive, do not waste time sending email back and forth. The problem is that e-mail recipients can not receive documents.
  • All participants were able to manage documents. Without having to download the document from the computer itself.
  • The right to control who can view, edit, document it.
  • Can run on the same document at the same time, many people. Each person can see that the other party is typing something in a Real-Time.