E-mail system

Updated: 12.02.2016 : 02:58  By: Sasina

            Email Hosing Server will install the only a server installed in the country. Not be distributed server , for example, if the server is installed America send mail to other countries will be slow and not a guarantee that emails sent to it. exceed the deadline to connect sending emails to them. It make can not be sent to the recipient on the other , if you want to receive email from overseas. It will be much slower than usual or may be you can not receive it. Which affect the business.

          Security of information systems. Hosting is a problem with spam filtering system, which is not strict. I keep spam out of work. Limitations of space to store Email Hosting will be the space to store quite a few email. Email is the problem quickly. The need to frequently empty. E-mail is not a major problem of not receiving the email. The business impact of course.

           Email Hosting systems are still limited in terms of support for mobile. a few Hosting is to be developed to check email on the phone or connect on mobile, but it is not deemed adequate needs of users.